Fresh and striking Wooden decking can enhance the look of any garden. However, if the decking is left open to the inclement British weather for too long, this can lead to areas which are slippy, unpleasant to the eye and no longer suitable for what they were installed for.

To transform worn out decking we can clean these areas with our range of flat surface rotary cleaners and also our speically designed decking lance.

Being able to control the pressure of water is of paramount importance for cleaning decking so that when we are cleaning the area, we ensure that the wood is not getting damaged at the same time.

Once the decking is restored to its former glory, we can then provide information and application of treatments to keep the surface looking as good as possible for a much longer duration of time.

Unlike cold water high pressure washing systems which could lead to damaging the decking, we use our hot steam system cleaning equipment in which we are able to clean the surfaces at a lower pressure minimising the level of intrusion on the decking.



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